Any update on power off bug fix?

Any update on power off bug fix? Referring to the known issue where power down results in reboot, and you have to use halt to actually shutdown/stop OS on AmeriDroid, IndieDroid Nova?

As far as we know, this has not yet been resolved by the development community. We will ask.

Ah, bummer. But please confirm if it is going to be fixed soon. It really is a P.I.T.A.

The timeline is up to the community. For now, sudo halt should work. Another option is to plug the Nova into a smart outlet and have the smart outlet shut the Nova off after issuing the sudo halt. Not ideal, but maybe it will work for some people who need it. Shelly Plus Plug US — ameriDroid

Any update? Surely you as a supplier can encourage the community to get moving… this is a core feature that is broken.

Any update on this fix?