Backup and Restore of Indiedroid Nova

How would one go about backup and restore of an Indiedroid Nova?
Note: using SD cards, not EMMC yet

  1. Backup by creating an image with Win32DiskImager on Windows?
  2. Restore with BalenaEtcher of image file created with Win32DiskImager?
  3. How would different storage size SD cards be handled? Equivalent of Pishrink on the Raspberry Pi?

I received my Nova last week and am enjoying it very much with Ubuntu 23.04 but I need a backup solution before putting it in production.


Hello AndyK,

I have been using USB Image Tool to create backups of my installations and then using balenaEtcher to restore them. I have not used Win32DiskImager, but I think it should work. I’m not familiar with Pishrink either, but I used an 8GB eMMC to create the image, then when I flashed it into my 64GB eMMC I was able to add the unallocated space using Disks on Ubuntu.

I think USB Image Tool, should be a good option to backup your Ubuntu Installation.