Boot order and OS install

Received my IndieDroid Nova last week. It boots from the eMMC and I would like to boot from the SD card (I want to experiment with different OS options and install the one I like best to the eMMC).

How can I change the boot order or boot device?


From our understanding, the Nova will boot from the microSD card first if it is a bootable image. If the microSD card is not present or not bootable, then the eMMC will be first.

I did find a potentially interesting situation with the boot order. I was unable to boot from microSD with an OS installed on eMMC – it always booted from the eMMC first no matter the image on microSD. However, I decided to test something yesterday…

Instead of burning an image directly to eMMC, I burned to microSD and installed to eMMC from microSD (using write2emmc in debian). After that, I have been able to consistently boot from microSD first even with different images (tried original debian on microsSD that I had burned to eMMC and also armbian cinnamon, both successful boot from microSD with OS on eMMC).

So, it may be necessary to install to eMMC from microSD to enforce the boot order. Not sure if that is unique to the debian install I was using or not, but may help others.

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I just zeroed my emmc card and then rebooted via OS image on micro SD card, and had no issues. The emmc card appears to be completely empty.