Compatibility of Pisugar S Plus with Indiedroid Nova

Hello, I am interested in buying the Indiedroid Nova, but I’m concerned about the compatibility of the Pisugar S Plus with it. I’ve read conflicting information and I’m not sure if it’s possible to use them together.

I want to use the Pisugar S Plus as a portable power source for the Indiedroid Nova. Can anyone confirm if they are compatible? And if so, could you please provide clear instructions or a wiring diagram to connect them?

The only thing I have been able to obtain is the following info and I cannot even confirm if it would work.
|IndieDroid Nova GPIO Pin|PiSugar S Plus Pin|
Gpio droid on left

  1. Install the necessary software libraries: You’ll need to install the wiringPi and pigpio libraries to interface with the GPIO pins on the IndieDroid Nova. You can do this by running the following commands in the terminal:

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sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wiringpi
sudo apt-get install pigpio
  1. Connect the Pisugar S Plus to the IndieDroid Nova: Connect the Pisugar S Plus to the IndieDroid Nova using the GPIO pins. Refer to the GPIO pinout diagram for the IndieDroid Nova to ensure that you connect the correct pins.
  2. Write the Python script: Once you have the libraries installed and the Pisugar S Plus connected to the IndieDroid Nova, you can write a Python script to communicate with the Pisugar S Plus. Here’s a sample script:

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import pigpio
import time

# Connect to the pigpio daemon
pi = pigpio.pi()

# Set the GPIO pin to output mode
pi.set_mode(17, pigpio.OUTPUT)

# Send a signal to the Pisugar S Plus to turn on
pi.write(17, 1)

# Send a signal to the Pisugar S Plus to turn off
pi.write(17, 0)

# Disconnect from the pigpio daemon
  1. Run the Python script: Save the Python script and run it in the terminal with the following command:

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This should send a signal to the Pisugar S Plus to turn on, wait for one second, and then send a signal to turn it off. You can modify the script to suit your specific needs, such as keeping the Pisugar S Plus on indefinitely or sending signals at specific intervals.

With these steps, you should be able to use the Pisugar S Plus Portable 5000mAh UPS with the IndieDroid Nova.

Not a lot of the community developers hang out here yet, so we’ve posted the link to this question on the Discord group. Hopefully we’ll hear back from someone with an idea.

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From Corcsy on Discord: I’ve been testing the PiSugar 3 Plus on mine, its working…but there is no software for the 3 yet, (for battery stats) but the s Plus linux package is supported I believe

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Thank you for this info. I also gather because the software isn’t working yet it doesn’t auto shut down before the batteries die them? Thank you for your time =)