Help to make bluetooth works on Tablet_nova_update.img.7z android tablet style

Hello there. Please could some one help me to make bluetooth options works to find and sync devices.
Its seems that bluetooth doesn´t get active when you turn on in the system. Press the button on but turns back to off.
Maybe its a bug or the bluetooh module its not installed on this image?
Any updates are coming soon? its there a patch to correct this problem?
Thanks for your attention!

Try the SlashTV Android image. It should be very similar, but without the issue.

thanks for your reply. I had tried slash tv android image. There the bluetooth works flawlessly, but i had a problem with storage i don´t know how to solve how to resize to get all my 32GB emmc size. I already open a topic about it. Still waiting for a solution.
Anyway, i just trying to find a android image that works with Google services and play store without thoses problems. I don´t have any preferences, just want to use as gaming device for android. I am planning to built a handheld for gaming.