How to customize Gnome Display Manager?

How to customize Gnome Display Manager? GDM Tools does not work, Gnome Login Manager does not work, even GDM-tweak does not work to change the GDM configuration. Surely someone has done this?

From user Infinity Q on the ameriDroid #indiedroid-nova Discord channel:

not a clue. I don’t even think it’s possible via any tool, because I made that search a long time ago across many possible solutions. It seems that customization is mainly hardcoded, up to the whims of each distro’s packager. so unless he builds gdm from source, I think he’s out of luck.

Actually, both ‘gdm-tools’ and ‘gdm-settings’ installed via flatpak, work.

The gdm-tool project on github is quite old, but it replaces the GDM background graphic just fine.

The gdm-settings project on github is the replacement for gdm-tool, but has a few issues, all documented, where one is the background graphic replacement is not working consistently as expected.

The author for both gdm-tool and gdm-settings is the same person, and seems the gdm-settings project has active support.

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