How to get QEMU/KVM updated to be in partity with other platforms?

How to get QEMU/KVM updated to be in parity with other platforms? For example, even using the latest ubuntu/armbian image (23.11.1/22.04), the available QEMU/KVM is well behind, even what is supported on Pi OS. The kernel is 5.10.x for IndieDroid SBC, but Pi 4/5 is already 6.1.x, there are some significant updates in between. Moreover the virt level support for VMs, is only 6.2 for kernel 5.1.x, where as virt 7.2 VM support.

A key issue, is that the graphical/video support as well as UEFI support, for VMs is stable (more current) for Pi OS, but for armbian/ubuntu as noted above, VMs cannot boot with UEFI with graphical support, but do via Pi OS. As I believe per ameriDroid comments, the need is community engagement, who or whom can respond to this situation? At least to discuss the situation to start?

Out of the box, with barely any effort, Pi 5 works for QEMU/KVM painlessly, but this not currently the case for the IndieDroid Nova. I have tried several of recommended OS images for IndieDroid Nova, even Debian 12, and the results are consistent, but unfortunately dated in reference to QEMU/KVM. I am more than happy to assist, in the addressing this situation, helping to test, evaluate, etc. But I need to know who or whom I can team up with.

With the computing muscle the IndieDroid Nova has, it can leave even the new Pi 5 in the dust, in reference to virtualization based on QEMU/KVM, but right now it is crippled.

We will post a note in the ameriDroid Discord group for developers to see if anyone can come here and answer any of your questions.

Thank you! Greatly appreciated!

Thats because the rockchip bsp is based on 5.10 meanwhile the RPI bsp is getting rebased on newer and newer versions and pi4 has mainline support, RK3588 will soon be mainlined (HOPEFULLY)

on BredOS (archlinuxarm based distro) QEMU is on 8.2.1

I think archarm has the newest version of qemu for rn (might be wrong) if u want u can test BredOS ill build an image i needed testers anyway

If you want join the IndieDroid discord (ameriDroid) and message me my name is “Panda” on there