How to root Android 13 on Nova Board

Hello everyone,

I would like to send a big thanks to all of you that are helping with their answers. I’ve installed Android 13 on my Indiedroid and i’m searching a way to root it … Anybody can help me for doing this ? Thxs

Hello everybody,

It is posible to do it with RKDevtools.

  1. Unpack the original firmware with the advanced options in RKdevtool and copy “boot.img” to a USB drive.
  2. Install Magisk on Indiedroid.
  3. Patch the original “boot.img” on the USB drive with Magisk on the indiedroid and copy the patched “boot.img” to the USB drive.
  4. Use the “Download” option in RKdevtool to download the Mini loader and the “patched boot.img” to your EMMC. That’s all folks !

N.B: Use Impactor Unroot to remove a strange SU and reinstall Magisk.apk to avoid problems with integrity cheks …

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