(Not Quite Kali) Kali Linux runs great after some work

I installed Kali to my Indiedroid nova. Started with the basic CLI. At first no packages would update. Figured out it was the time and date out of sync, fixed that and updated.

Next was to install a GUI, i went with KDE. Surprisingly it went smooth, KDE is running with X11 and Wayland. Next was NO AUDIO, took a while but i had to enable pulseaudio and run “pulseaudio -k” t get HDMI Audio.

Next up was Apps, I installed the Default Kali Pen Testing Suite of tools.

I was excited to see that this has Hardware Acceleration, running at 1080p 144hz, glxgears gets around 600FPS. No screen Tearing, youtube on chromium works at 720p with some dropped frames

Thanks for the review!

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