RK3588-SlashTV-RootPlay-Alpha2 Android Image how to resize to full emmc partition?

Hi guys need some help with android image from RK3588-SlashTV-RootPlay-Alpha2. Its seems the image was created with a partition of 16GB. My emmc storage device its 32GB. I can see on aida64 my system its divided on 2 partitions of 16GB, but i can’t use the another 16GB besides the 16GB the system is already using. So the system gets full very quickly. I need more space to install games. I intend to use my indiedroid nova as gaming device, i like android games.
And i need to know how to expand the internal storage with a sd card or usb storage, to install more apps.
Please if someone can help with this, i would really appreciated it.
Thanks for your attention!

We’re not exactly sure how that’s set up in SlashTV, but we’ll ask the developer if he can help you here.

use gparted from your pc or factory reset your device and reinstall the apps, should help.

Sorry, but both of theses options don´t work. I have tried them. Factory reset, just wipe out the apps, but the storage still recognizes just 16GB. And gparted doesn´t allow me to expand the userdata volume. i don´t know if i am doing something wrong, but gparted doesn´t understand android partitions and i can´t resize the userdata partition to use the other unallocated 16GB blank of emmc that still avaliable.
Any more ideas please?

slaminger could you please do 32GB image of slashtv android prepared for EMMC module please?
i think its only way to solve my problem.