RTC Battery Support


I just got my devices today. It’s great.

I got this with prebuilt Android, I tried to connect all add-ins that I purchase as peripheral.
Ones is RTC Battery.

When I perform reboot, seems this RTC isn’t supported by the current preinstall system.
Time (clock) will be reset when boot or reboot.

Do you know which OSs are supported this feature (RTC Battery)?

Thank you

Thanks for your question! The OS distributions are maintained by independent developers, so we’re not sure which ones have looked into the RTC support yet. But we’ve brought that up to them. We’ll post more information here as we get answers from them.

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macroalpha on the Discord server has verified that RTC is working on mainline, but we don’t believe that any of the current OS images for the Nova are using the mainline kernel yet as there is more work to be done before they are fully functional.