USB WiFi 6 Adapter (Dongle) Support

Recently, USB WiFi 6 Adapters (dongle) are increasingly supported by Linux mainline.

Is it any possible that LInux -based OS for Indiedroid Nova also support USB WiFi 6 dongle,
such as: COMFAST CF-953AX ?

FYI: USB-WiFi/ at main · morrownr/USB-WiFi · GitHub

Thank you

This is going to be completely a driver issue based on the operating system. Unlike Linux, it is our understanding that drivers need to be compiled into the Android build, and they can’t be added at will. However, Linux support for this chipset seems to be already available. It looks like this site has some good information about it: COMFAST CF-953AX - chipset: mt7921au · morrownr/USB-WiFi · Discussion #88 · GitHub

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