We want merch/swag!

Hi, we want merch (T-Shirts, Funny mugs, stickers) they could have sbc’s manufacturers logos or one of the device on them. Just like the candy that you guys put you can include them in peoples orders (stickers)

Great idea!

We do put our own custom made-in-house stickers in (some) orders. All you have to do is leave a small tip and our staff will send you a sticker as a “Thank you”.

In the past, we’ve also done limited promotions where we’ve included backpacks with an SBC manufacturer logo on them, sweatshirts (again with an SBC logo), electrical testing screwdrivers, t-shirts, etc. We hope to be able to do this again soon.

99%+ of all orders get candy. The only time they don’t is when we have problems with our candy supply, usually caused by the guys in our office.

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